Monday, September 26, 2011

How do I feel this morning? Like I'm making deals with demons to keep the Devil off my back.

My Internet was down all weekend. I thought my modem was broken. I tried swapping out cables, modem, resetting my Internet settings on my computer. I was so pissed! I just wanted to surf the Internet. But instead, I had to spend all day yesterday reading and writing and other things I used to do before the Internet came along.

I called my Internet provider this morning in an attempt to trouble shoot the problem with someone a bit more tech savvy than me. "Please note that your Internet has been temporarily suspended due to late payments. Your current balance is 301 dollars. Would you like to make a payment now?" Aggggggg.

When I got to school I was a bit short with the lady at the financial aid office who told me she was processing all the Stafford loans as quickly as possible and that it was likely she would get to mine in the middle of the week or perhaps the next week. Whaaa. I filed that paper work on the 6th of September, it's the 26th now! Whatever.

I got all these financial problems but looking back I must admit that I have played the system well. By that I mean: I was discharge from the military in January. I have not been employed since, yet I have successfully paid for a two bedroom apartment at 1950 a month, a 400 dollar a month car payments, 90 dollar phone bill, 90 dollar cable/Internet bill, utility bill that runs between 350 and 400 each month, put food on the table and supported mine and my wife's nicotine/ caffeine habits. All of this on the sunny isle of Oahu, Hawaii.

I don't want to be homeless but if I become so, I can't really complain too much, can I? Maybe. Squeeky wheels always get the grease.


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