Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Read if You're Allergic to Crap!

Just a few ramblings I scrawled down in my note book over the past few weeks:

- Blogger just got my digits. I wonder if he'll call?
- Sometimes I think I'm too enlightened, too open minded for my own good. I need a nice dose of bigotry to put me back into my place.
- When I die it will be 'naked' on a public toilet. (There will be twenty guys in line waiting to take a shit. Eventually, they will figure out I'm not coming out of that stall on my own two feet.)
- Let's just get this over with!
- Does the term 'irish vagina' mean anything to you?
- This world will not change, not for you. You must change to face it or suffer. The choice is yours.
- Art is perspective. There are many starving perspectives.

I love dogs!!! I just hate their owners.


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