Sunday, October 2, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You Want to Punch Me

Notes for Transcyberphilia

• Femininity is a gift from the ancient aliens who produced us (genetically) through Neanderthal DNA and their own DNA.

• Masculinity is a trait given to us by our Neanderthal ancestors, a trait that allowed us to survive in our pre-modern world. Coupled with the intellectual edge of our feminine DNA, we were able to not only survive nature, but conquer it, as well.

• In a matter of speaking, feminine DNA is really the dominant DNA. It was inevitable for our race to create the technology that we see today as we are slowly becoming less Neanderthal and more Alien.

• You may notice a rise in homosexuality in our modern age. This is not unheard of. Yet, looking back in history, it seems that the societies that embraced or indulged in such practices were modern for their time. More importantly they lived in urban societies. This shows, in my opinion, that it is possible for DNA codes to lie dormant in human populations and are only triggered based on social changes. What purpose would homosexuality serve (scientifically)? Obviously, population control. The more men having sex with men the less men impregnating women.

• This is only a step towards Alienism. The second step is a move towards the transsexual. In essence, men desiring to become woman and therefore they are not fulfilling their (Neanderthalic) responsibilities of procreation.

• Even if you don’t agree with the Alien Ancestor concept, it’s hard to deny the theory of population control through homosexual and transsexual culture. It beats the alternative: war, famine and pestilence.

• One may argue that the world is not over populated and I might agree with you. However, natural function is blind. The issue here really isn’t the overall population but the ever increasing number of urban dwellers. Just as the chameleon changes its color without thought or a frog changes its gender without the approval of frog committees, so to does human society lapse into homosexual and transsexual behaviors to control its population.

I don't want to make excuses for what I write. Sorry.


  1. Oh the arguments I can have with your hypothesis... :D

  2. I think that if a person blindly accepted what I have written then I would consider that a failure. I wrote this to create an argument not to express my beliefs. The Savage wins round one.
    Seriously, though, it is, in my opinion, an interesting theory.