Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair Weather

For so long I thought I was a good guy. I thought that, if I should ever be in need, if I ever found myself with my back against a wall, all the friends I have made in my life would come flying out of the wood works to rescue me.

How wrong I was. And so here I sit with no options, no pay check, no money, bills stacking up, car on the fritz, living on top ramen and tap water and where are my friends? Fair weathering around somewhere I guess.

I spent a life time stacking up karma, being that guy who you can count on for good advice or a shoulder to cry on, the guy that spends his money showing you a good time when you're broke or lending you money with no expectation of getting it back. Mr. Empathy. Mr. Nice Guy. Every body's friend. Good riddance to all that, dear readers (if there are any of you left).

Meet Mr. money grubbing asshole. Meet Mr. me first and if I have time I might help you out, maybe, if your lucky. Every man for himself in this failing economy. I will take what's mine and shit on everything I can't carry so no one else will want it!

Oh, me oh my. Unfortunately, that's impossible. Its not in my nature to be that guy. I wish I could be. Oh well.



  1. I think that it is quite true that during times of trouble you find out who your friends are. Sadly sometimes you do not really have any, but that knowledge is valuable. Removing them from your life will make it better in the long run and finding people who will be there will enrich it.

    Good luck to you. I hope things get better for you.