Monday, May 23, 2011

Rickin rackin frakin!

Time off is not a good thing. Not for me, at any rate. When this period of time begins I have all these 'best intentions'. I think of all the things I can get done: writing, getting in shape, getting all the 'fix it' stuff fixed around the house. But it never seems to work out that way. This blog post is one of the few things I have written in weeks, my stove is still broken, my lawn still looks like crap, there are still bags of trash piling up in my closet, if I have lost weight it's due to the fact that I haven't eaten much cause I don't want to spend money on food I enjoy eating, I haven't walked my dog in forever. I think I am sad but with all this Zoloft coursing through my veins I can't be certain. Good 'ol fake happiness.

So, blah, blah. Same old same old for Nosmo, right. 

I would like to say 'sorry' for those that got their hopes up about the rapture. Jesus is supposed to return like a 'thief in the night', people. I would guess that some old man making headlines about MAY 21st, 2011 kinda blew Christ's cover. So he had to delay his second coming and the rapture and all that. Thanks bud, screwing it up for all them good guys who were ready to go.

Peace, love and hair grease.

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