Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern,

The world could have gone two different ways. It could have concerned itself more with honor and courage, righteousness and faith or it could have developed a sickening infrastructure based on lust and greed. Unfortunately, it chose the latter.

If I have learned anything in this great big world it’s that good guys do finish last and that hard work and determination can always be beaten with cunning, ruthlessness and a bold pursuit of the fast and easy buck. Ah, capitalism! It’s a shame, I cannot deny it. I find myself falling into the web of this dark society if only out of the need to survive.

In short, the world is a cruel place with room only for those cruel enough to match it.

I think I have known this for a long time. I think I was aware, even in my early childhood that the world I was born into was one I was unable to accept. I was drawn to fantasy, escape, a denial that the facts were the facts and one day I would have to face them.

The facts turned out to be true; cold reality. And my inability to deal with them was spot on; it was made worse, in fact, due to my years of forced ignorance!

Even today as I face poverty or worse, I still find comfort in my escapes. I convince myself that I am living out my dreams and that one day I will be able to make a livelihood sharing my fancies with like-minded fools. What else do I have to offer?

Each day I come closer and closer to the truth that, fantasy fiction, telling stories and bringing imaginary worlds to life is not only a hobby, not only a passion, but is the only facet that makes me worthwhile. And so, every day I add more and more to my arsenal; more knowledge, more practice, more courage.

To what end, I can’t say. I would like to think that my words might change the world, however small that change may be, yet change it for the better. Think ‘honor, courage, righteousness and faith’. An old tale, I agree, but still so vital.

-Nosmo King

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