Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few Good Women

 I was born at one in the morning. Sorry mom. No rest for the wicked, I suppose. Luckily, you've had 30+ years to catch up on the sleep you lost that night. I, obviously, don't remember the whole affair and the time between then and now is a bit fuzzy as well. The life of an adult is full of busy days. Full of work and bills and traffic. Mowing lawns, fixing flats, stressing about the future while trying to stay sane in the present. How easy it is to forget about the person that made life possible. Luckily we have Mother's Day, a day to remember, to honor, to praise. It's like the credits of a PBS show: my life was made possible by the mother foundation and viewers like you.

Jokes aside: happy Mother's Day.


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