Friday, May 6, 2011

Falling in Love? Bad Timing.

I had a spark. But just one spark.

There is this girl in one of my classes. She is in her late twenties, nice face, great body. She's gothy, punky, emo...y?. Which I admit I have a weakness for. Yah! Girls with tattoos and lots of piercings! Yah, yah. Anyhow, she is prior Navy as well and so we had some common ground to make conversation. She seemed pretty cold and serious most of the time. A bad girl with an intelligent, salt of the earth side.

We would often walk out of class together, smoke a cigarette and shoot the shit but, again, she always seemed cold. Today, however, whilst we *'talked story', she seemed different, kind of girlish and bubbly. It's odd seeing a goth girl turn into an antsy, little girlie-girl.  Does she have a crush on me? I would be the last to know, I'm sure.

So, I'm staring at her, after all mom always taught me to look someone in the eye when they are talking to you, and all of a sudden this feeling came over me... I wanted to grab hold of her and plant a big one right on those pierced gothy girl lips. And I hate kissing!

I did not act on this feeling because 1) I'm a chicken and 2) I was so shocked to feel like this. I have been in love before and I can honestly say I still am. And with those girls I felt that same feeling; my wonderful ex, my wife, a little stuff 'lamb chop' doll I had as a kid. But it's been a while since I stared someone in the eyes and 'BAM!!!'

Don't get me wrong, I had thought about this girl before but in a way that most guys think about most girls that they are acquainted with. Yet this wasn't lust, it wasn't unchecked hormones, it was something else. I couldn't think straight the rest of the day (which isn't good this close to finals). It's not like I don't have enough problems!

Unfortunately, Monday is my last day in that class and, if I leave school to get a job, there is a chance I'll never see her again. I wonder if I should give her my phone number or something? Or maybe I should just pull my head out of my ass and get back to work.

-Nosmo (Happy Mother's Day soon!)

* talk story (pigin)- talking about whatever, chit-chat. "Shoots cuz, you wan talk story?"


  1. Obviously you should ask her to go to lunch with you. Ask first for the lunch and then we she agrees should you then give her your phone number.

  2. Maybe I will. Well, coffee or something. Sit down a talk story. TY.