Thursday, February 18, 2010

Panda Express

She is nice on the eyes. She is 5'3" with a sexy, slight frame, a charming smile of an American girl complimented with Manga eyes that flirt and play. This is the girl you would meet in the Korean massage parlor who gives more than massages for a hell of a price and you ask for her by name the next time you come back.

The only problem is... she's my boss.

I got mad the other day. I think she thought I was mad at her cause she started backpedaling and trying to diffuse me by agreeing with me. I felt bad to have made her uncomfortable like that so I finally said I would take care of the work and told her not to worry.

She smiled which made me smile and then she left.

Being a submariner for the past eleven years I find it difficult to work with women. It isn't because they don't work hard or know what they are doing. There are a lot of woman out there that could out perform me in the work place, I'm certain of that.

It's the fact that I have never really learn to shut off the brain in the head of my penis during work hours which makes it difficult to have a healthy work relationship.

So, today I have a question. Is this normal or is this something I should be concerned about before I get out of the Navy and get a job in the civilian world?



  1. i am not accustomed to such honesty! wow!

    I would say considering the number of office romances out there, that most people don't ever get over it. Can't speak for the fellers, but my best guess is going to be : Sorry to break it to you, but you're normal, dude.

  2. Well, I don't know if it's normal, but I can tell you that I'm the same way. ;-)

  3. since the construction trade is slacking at the moment may I suggest career military? Just kidding. I can't shut it off either....

  4. I haven't worked with men who weren't my husband or son for a zillion years but remembering back to the stone age, before there were laws against sexual harassment, I would say that you are normal. Perhaps there should be work burqas so men aren't bothered quite so much. Of course, that would meet with as much approval as sending women back home to the kitchen. Or maybe science should come up with an 8 hour limp willy pill.

  5. I'm not so worried about sexual harrassment or an affair. My main concern here is treating her differently than other supervisors because she is a female.

    So, if she has the knowledge that she affects men so (which I'm sure she does) she may respond one of two ways, she either takes advantage of men like me to get a desired result(which would be smart but morally questionable), or she could attempt to make her way through the work world on her own merits as a worker not a female worker per se(which is really impossible because men will treat her differently no matter how hard she tries- regardless if they do it consciously of subconsciously).

    Maybe I am stereotyping here but this happens all the time in the Navy as there are more male supervisors than female and the female subordinates normally are given an easier time. We're talking about an old crusty Navy chief who supervises some nieve 18year old girl fresh out of highschool. It would be an impossible act for him to treat her the same as all the males just like a man treats his daughter different from his sons.

  6. King - I have had sex with a woman from everywhere I have ever worked at with the exception of my current place of employment. I did not here because at the time I was married. I would do it again as there are 2 very hot women here. One 28 and one 34. It's normal to think with your dick.

  7. You are normal.

    I have always worked in environments that are probably about 95-98% male.

    I've had men offer to help me out, carry my gear etc. After a fire or heavy training, the thought of someone carrying my gear etc would be great but totally unfair. I always thank them and tell them that when they see me outside the job and offer to help I will GLADLY accept it, but at work it is very important that I do it myself. After all, they are exhausted too. (their mamas just raised them right).....not to mention, if I did let them, the battalion chief would have our entire crew doing push-ups for the entire afternoon. haha.

    Some people are able to have work relationships but usually not a good idea. Especially in jobs where the other person might just have to be there to save your life. From what I can tell, men are better at separating the two. No matter what is going on in their heads, when the alarm goes off, they can go straight into work mode. I think that is one of the reasons why I prefer working with men. That and I love the smell of fire.