Monday, February 15, 2010

Lack There Of

My preachy how-to-live your life blogs make me laugh every time I read them. There is sincerity there, I will admit, theories that seem sound and logical and heart felt.

But, on days like this, when I take stock of my life, my habits, my goals (or lack there of) I wonder why I have any right to advise anyone on anything. I guess that's what writers do, we sell a product that does not exist. We are like used car sales men that could sell a snow ball to an Eskimo.

So I took stock and I am still a lazy, chain-smoking, junk-food eating bastard who spent his Valentines day ignoring his wife, surfing for porn and playing online video games. I have theories but no practice. I have limitless tools at my disposal to get my life together and yet I fail to use them. I have a car but fear to drive (that's an figure of speech).

I can have all that. I can have the world handed to me on a silver platter but without motivation, it's all worthless.

In other news: Hey, I finally sat down to listen to some music that I had been meaning to listen to. Check this out! Travis Morgan. Great stuff, you'll I love it!

-Nosmo (Snowball anyone?)


  1. I'm going to start a lucrative career in bridge sales....

  2. Keep writing your many adoring fans are buying into all your bull shit!

  3. Seriously, we like it! It actually put a smile on my face to see someone being so honest!

  4. I started a porn page but the only hits I had were from myself. Oh well, maybe I should add midgets.