Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving Day

I wasn't aware of how attached I was to my desk of 2 years until I was moved to a different one. A different office actually. It's quiet in here. Reminds me of a store room. In fact there is a huge stack of storage boxes screening the view from my computer to the door.

My only problem, now, is trying to concentrate enough to get my work done. More than likely I will get nothing productive done today (other than writing this blog post). Oh well.

Things to note for today: ... yeah busy day. OK. Peace.



  1. Hello ~ Make nice your new abode, for this desk has many new faces to pull. Sit smiling as people pass, sit all day smiling wickedly upon your ass ;) just a likkle poem for you as it's Tuesday, but if ya like erotic porn come by and read some of my earlier stuff, you'll wanna pull your thing after readin them I can be sure of that...

  2. Wow. I feel kinda dirty now. But thank you for stopping by.

  3. I once asked a navy seal if he could balance a ball on his nose and play the Star Spangled Banner on bike horns.... I am still alive to this date with no deformities caused by a seal related injury....
    I had nothing better to comment with.

  4. The Savage: Is there any better comment then the one you made? I think not. Thank you, good sir. Navy Seals are tough little buggers that a renown world wide for causing hideous deformities. The real trick is making the story of what happened to you funny and exciting, so that people will like you at cocktail parties despite your hideous visage. Or a paper bag with eye holes works to.
    I had a dream about baby seals and clubs. Why are there baby seals dancing at this club? I asked myself.