Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Day Before a Vow

What sweet torment. What burning desire. What a yesterday and a tomorrow I have in you.

We have become victims of irony and destiny. We have lost control of our free will and we are pulled along by the undertow of fate. We are torn asunder by life and made whole by true love. We are sick in our days and healthy in our years. We plot designs to destroy and rebuild. Our lives will be forever changed and we will not look back. We are she and he, the lady and the lord, the damsel and the knight.

My flesh shall be your flesh, my bone will be your bone, my heart will be your heart. When I breath you will breath. When I fall you shall catch me, when you slip I shall be your net. I shall find comfort in your bosom and you shall find peace in the strength of my arm.

What sweet torment this is to be so far from you and yet so close. What a burning desire I keep within me for you. My dream and my reality, my fate and my everything.

1 comment:

  1. It is so beautiful, I think I am going to cry. My heart aches for you, love