Thursday, June 11, 2009

Satan's Face Book

A) Face book. Here's an internet tool that unveils the ugly truth of your past. Face Book! What was I thinking! I shouldn't have bothered. Well, no use crying over spilled milk. How sad is it to get on Face Book for the first time and find all those photos of people you knew in your past life, seeing their happy faces and perfect families and living their happy lives as if there was no such thing as a failing economy, swine flu or president Obama.

B) Face Book is like going to your highschool reunion except you can't beam people in their hoohas for being smug about how much better their lives turned out as compared to yours.

C) Face Book is where you wonder how -uncool people you used to know- now have 8 to 10 pages of friends. Somewhere in the vicinity of 3000 people are friends of yours on Face Book and you don't even know why. Neither do I.

D) I have a lot to be thankful for in my own life and though it may not be picture perfect, my life is my life and I like it.


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