Friday, June 12, 2009


The Remnants of Yesterday: I went running in the morning. Thanks to the old ipod I can ignore my aching body and just run. I got on the stationary bike in the afternoon -felt like a gerbil on a wheel. I need to do some strength training this weekend. Build up some muscle, condition some tendons and cartilage.

I went through some of my old CDs trying to build a decent library on my computer. Some tunes I have rediscovered are: Violent Femmes, YES, Police and Blues Traveler. I'm trying to stay away from the heavy metal -Tool, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, etc.-but angry music is much more motivating than happy music. I should have learned to play the bass. Maybe I'll buy one soon.

Other things of interest: Joe Cartoon on You Tube -funny stuff that somehow reminds me of Monty Python-, Like a Chief also on You Tube -which is really only funny if you're in the Navy- and Clint Eastwood's 'Pale Rider' -the greatest western of all time. I tried getting into 'Two Mules for Sister Sara' but it wasn't working for me.

So goes my Thursday. I'm looking forward to today. That's a good sign. -Peace.

P.S. Man I hate Face Book.

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