Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't You Just Love Mondays?

Do you know what's worse than Mondays? Mondays after a bad or boring weekend, when your best memory of the weekend was how good it felt leaving work on Friday afternoon and thinking, 'I'm gonna have a great weekend!' God, that was a great time.

I was visited by three evil spirits this weekend. Evil spirits? Frightening, yes I know. The first called himself Taco Bell. He was a spicy, cheesy demon of lust. The second night I was visited by the spirit of Panda Express. Ching chong, the door bell rang and I shuttered in fear. And the third night I was visited by an evil banshee they call Taco Bell Again? Well, I suppose I have some calories to burn off this week. :)

The fight goes on.

-Nosmo King