Thursday, June 18, 2009

Captain's Log, Star Date 6/18/09

So, right now this is what is going on. I have been spending my days on watching episodes of shows that I missed on scifi channel. I liked the show Firefly, a story of a smuggler's ship and their crew in 2500 AD with a western twist. The character's were well written and so was the show overall. I was a little disappointed that it had been cancelled -I am definitely out of the loop when it comes to television shows- and I hoped to continue my journey with the crew of the Serenity but, alas, I cannot. I have also been catching up on my Family Guy episodes that I missed. Good stuff. The Family Guy has to be the funniest comedy on T.V. today. My opinion, of course.

I got some new strings for the old guitar and a tab book of Dave Matthew's 'Some Devil' album which I might be digging into this weekend. Maybe, maybe not. This album remind me of the first few years of my marriage. Those days were wonderful and I wish things were like that again.

Writing. It's been off and on the past week as I struggled through my identity crisis in an attempt to find peace, peace of mind or at least some belonging. But my spiritual search for self is, I believe, a lot like love: You can't find it, it finds you and having it isn't always what you thought it was going to be and may not always make you happy. These ups and downs, this search for life is what life is. I guess what I'm saying is that, 'as you search for a better life you're -unknowingly- living the life you were meant to and that even though one day you may find a better life you cannot discount the process of getting there and the fact that the past was part of your life as much as the present and even more so then your future. Fortunately, this concept was simplified by someone much smarter than me when they said, "Life is a journey."

The Weigh In? Well, that is a struggle. Dieting isn't easy because it's not something that you can just force yourself to do for an hour a day. It's something you have to force yourself to do all day long. The same can be said about sustaining from any evil or addiction. Anyhow, my goal is to hit 200lbs by October and I believe I can do it. At 5'11" 200lbs ain't too shabby -I'm big boned LOL.

Peace, love and hair grease and don't forget to pick up a book and do some reading. It's good for the brain and the soul. -But you knew that already, you smarty.-


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  1. I'll bet Dave Matthews would play well on piano too.

    Dieting sucks. Need to be totally psyched. And not in a bad place.

    Always read. Can't not.