Monday, June 22, 2009

Quiet Week Ends and Violent Dreams

The wife had a bad cold this weekend and so the house remained quiet. Which meant no guitar playing. I did however spend some time writing. I also bought Neverwinter Nights 2 and played that for a while. I read for a while and took a lot of naps.

During one particular nap I had a strange dream. I was sleeping in the living room of a house that was mine though I didn't recognize it. My ex-girlfriend was there as well as three other people, one of them being my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend (who I have never met and is a fictional character in this dream).

I must have left the room for a little while because when I came back they had stolen all the furniture in the living room. Fearing they would come back, I locked the doors. Then another thought came to me... revenge.

I proceeded to build a flame thrower from a lighter and a can of lighter fluid, I also borrowed a nail gun from my neighbor. When I returned to the house they were back and they saw that I had weapons. They began to flee. The boyfriend was closest. I shot him with the nail gun, which did no damage but distracted him long enough that I could catch up. I slammed three nails into his spine, one that paralyzed him.

Running out of the house I saw that my ex had doubled back when she noticed her boyfriend was still inside. I caught her half way across the lawn and fired off the flame thrower which ignited her head in flames. The other two hoodlums got away with the rest of my stuff.

This dream seems a bit violent and I'm not sure why I dreamed it. I haven't seen my ex in over 9 years. I'm not a violent person. Maybe it was just a fluke.


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  1. Thank heavens our imaginations don't require us to actually be like the things our brains come up with.