Thursday, June 11, 2009


My last post brought up a few questions about life. I didn't expect any responses to this :/ but I got them and thank you for that. The truth is they beat me to the punch. Pursuing a healthy life is not and can never be a search for immortality, a tool to wind back the clock of time.

People's desperation and fear towards what lies beyond the doors of death may be a motivating factor to their search for eternal youth. It may also be that getting old is such a horrifying thing that they are disgusted when they look in the mirror and see crows feet, wrinkles, unwanted nose hairs, liver spots. They look in that mirror and see an old person staring back at them. "Where did the time go?" they ask.

I would venture a guess and say that life is a delicate balance of quality and quantity, luxury and responsibility, health and indulgence. Life should be a pattern of hard work and rewards, hard work and rewards, hard work and rewards.

I intend to get in the best shape of my life, to become healthier than I ever have been and in doing so -when I reach my goal- I intend to enjoy it. The new body, renewed vigor, a fresh outlook on life, the genesis of me.


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  1. A worthy goal. I have been living an absurdly healthy lifestyle for the last year and a half, eating only healthy things, exercising massively, and I find it is the endlessness of it that is hard. No particular day is too difficult but cumulatively you get tired of it. I do feel a lot better so I think it is worthwhile.