Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again...

I've decided to take my class scheduling into my own hands. You might think, well duh! You weren't doing that before? Not exactly. My first semester was scheduled by an advisor as was my second. All the classes were good except, perhaps, my 'World Regional Geography' class which annoyed me to no end.

The summer semester was about survival. I needed money to pay my rent and, with no job, my only option was college. Summer semesters could be describe as 'sparse' in relation to the number and variety of classes available. Beggars can't be choosers!

Now, the fall semester is rearing its beautiful, sexy head. I have changed classes and reorganized by schedule in a way that I am very excited about.

First is 'art' class, 'Intro to Visual Arts'. If I don't like the class that's alright since the teacher, I'm told, is easy on the eyes.

Second is 'Intro to Literature'. Imma geek out in that class. Love me some literature talk.

Third, 'Great Books, East and West'. Same, same. Book talk.

And finally history from 1500 to the present. I'm not holding my breath for this one.

I wish I could have taken some ancient history or Europe in The Middle Ages. Oh well. I guess I will finally figure out what this HOLOCAUST thing is all about.

So, I am getting a degree in Humanities and, hopefully, a minor in English. Some classes I would like to take: Fiction Writing workshop, The Sacred and Erotic in Lyric Poetry, Fantasy Literature, and much, much more. Humanities, if you are unaware, is the studies of everything 'liberally artish', so: Arts, History, Philosophy, English, Religion.

I might even learn how to write a good blog post! Doubtful. I am looking forward to writing erotic poetry for my classmates whilst earning a grade towards my degree. It seems like stealing, really. I'll survive.



  1. If you every get stuck for the erotic poetry just steal some from my blog... I'm good with that...

  2. I got a paper due for biology class. Got any thing like that? LOL.