Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time To Go To Church?

I got lost yesterday wandering around downtown Honolulu. I stumbled upon an old building.

It was a very cool building but looked out of place in the modern downtown, skyscapery feel of Honolulu. A treasure. I have always had an interest in medieval buildings and, while this building was built in 1867, it had a wonderful old-world European feel to it (as close as one can come while wandering the streets of aloha paradise).

Fortunately, the doors opened at 8am and it was 815am. I walked inside and my breath was stolen from me. I have never been in a Catholic church. I lied. I have in Alaska and, there, it looked no different than any other church. But this...

No sir (or maam), my limited travels have shielded me from such beauties. I felt, or at least I could understand how one could be lured into feeling that God was in a place like this. I wouldn't say this discovery was life changing- I am more complicated than all that! Yet, it was definitely food for thought. Like, "What an awesome place to sit and do homework for 2 and 1/2 hours before class starts". Maybe I should take 'latin' next semester?

Anyhow, no need to worry. I'm not going Catholic on you. My weak minded pagan ancestors might have fallen for all this rigmarole but not this heathen! LOL.

(A little stained glass action for that ass on your way out.)



  1. Now I got SNL's Church Lady stuck in my head...

  2. Nice looking Church. Architecturally, France has the best looking churches I have ever seen.

  3. Yeah. I have been meaning to go back there and study in the 'holy' glow of stained glass windows and Jesus motifs but I am addicted to the coffee house down the street. Oh well.

    Church Lady!!! Merkkk. Love it.