Sunday, March 27, 2011


I would like to point out to any and all that may be confused. I understand that fantasy writing may be associated with pulp fiction; cheesy little tales of elves and dragons, soap operas with swords and acting that is equally as bad. Honestly, I don't blame anyone for thinking the way they do about the subject. Many books written in this genre are soul-less, written by a formula, like cheesy romance novels that you could read through in half a day, then throw away and move on to the next. (I couldn't fathom the idea of tossing out my copy of Moby Dick!) Cheap thrills and not at all examples of literary excellence. I guess that's what I am getting at. But I will tell you now, I would rather starve to death then publish or even write something cheap and formulaic. Art is very important to me. And I suppose that I see an artistic beauty in fantasy. Yet I am so much more than all that. I am an extremely open minded individual. My interests lie in many non-traditional ideas. I believe in art, no matter the label, no matter how the content, characters and subject matter may not appeal to the straight laced western world. I am fascinated by the taboo, the strange, the other side of white bread America. The merging ideas is where I intend to go. Just thought you should know. -Nosmo (all apologies for the block of text. Something is wrong with the blog editor)

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