Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Railway of Hell!!!

So, I got out of the house this weekend and climbed Koko Head (Nature's Stair Master). This trail is an old railway used in WW2. It climbs straight up the side of a dormant cinder cone to a bunker looking out over Windward Oahu.

I hated this immensely. It was around 12 in the afternoon by the time we started up and it had to have been at least 90 degrees. I was dizzy, sweating, heart was pounding. I swore I was gonna quit at least ten times (a step). I didn't want to look up because that would have been disheartening to see how much more I had to go but the trail is narrow and there are people climbing up and down at any given time and at different speeds so I was forced to look up to ensure I wasn't in someones way. Anyhow, it was hell. It was hot and dusty and steep and hot (did I mention it was hot?).

But... when I reached the top! OMG! I felt like God has swooped down and kissed my forehead with his minty breath! And the view? incredible!
A sat up top, smoking a cigarette and thinking, 'I did it! What else am I capable of doing? What other awesome summits can I climb up in life?' I wish I could take a vow now and say that I will always look to the next challenge and run into it (or climb on top of it) with reckless abandon and zeal. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I know I am capable of doing it now. I know that at the end of the long, steep, HOT trail there is a reward and it's worth going after.

So, now my body aches, my head is throbbing and I have been sleeping like a baby and eating like a mad man! But, as crazy as it sounds I am looking forward to going hiking again. Maybe tomorrow! Who knows.

-Nosmo King


  1. And sometimes it's worth the pain.. and the heat.

  2. It was so worth the pain. But I'm not certain about that now. I'm friggin sore! Oh well.