Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milk and Honey in a World of Vinegar

Another post? Why, yes. Thank you. I think I will partake.

I am the comedian. I am not alone. Those around me, they are all comedians, as well. It's just another kind of wall erected to protect ourselves. I don't want to hide my feelings, my concerns, my desires. I am afraid just like the rest of them to say what I am truly thinking and feeling. In fact, sometimes I hide so often behind humor and a tough facade I forget who I really am. I wish I could find a circle of real people who aren't afraid to be honest, that don't need to hide behind a mask. I found a few but they are not nearby. They have their own lives somewhere else. One day I will be with them. But until then I crave that honesty (Yes, Billy Joel, the lonely word). I crave to bare my soul to those who really want to listen, who really want the truth, who are willing to muck through the dark bottom of my soul, who are not afraid of getting a little dirty (emotionally).

Deadly Offspring by Nosmo King
Sitting on my hands awhile.
Pins and needles.
My hands become another man's.
He is meat.
No longer living. Without emotion.
Sin and evil.
The path is clear so move!
On pins and needles.
With dead face and limp arms up.
She is burning.
My hands touch the broken woman.
World stops turning.
I am carrion, bottom feeder.
I'm not predator. I did not beat her.
I feed her monkey, shouldn't feed her.
Back for more, sex repeater.
Are these the idle hands?
Mother take a number.
Take a look!
Your egg is broken.


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  1. I so understand the comedian thing... I soooooooooo understand...