Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Weekend

I am suffering from a pretty bad cold that started up Friday night. I have a history of long colds that last a week or longer. Problem is I have dental appointments this week that I can't put off. I can't miss them but then I am not sure if they are going to work on my teeth when I can't even breath through my nose. I realize it's out of my hands but I hate complications like this. I really want to get out of this place and go to school on the east coast. I can't do that until my dental issues get taken care of.

Oh well.



  1. Are there colds that don't last a week?

    I would just go to the dentist - take decongestants though.

  2. I've had my cold for a little over a week now. It's been going around out here. Luckily it presents rather minor with me. I'm still highly functioning and the cold is now in it's death throws so I'm down to a basic productive cough and a little bit runny in the nose.
    Usually it goes from sinusitis to tonsillitis or the other way around.
    Loads of vitamin C and shit loads of garlic and onions helps a lot... better yet.. try and schedule a gas chamber run.. it'll knock that shit right out of you

  3. We have a saying here about colds: they take three days to come, three days to stay, and three days to go away!
    Or just take loads of vitamin C, plenty of lemon tea, and loads of garlic!

  4. Quit crying & get your grill fixed.

  5. So. Yeah. The irony of all this is my endodonist has gotten sick as well and he decided to take the week off so my appointment was rescheduled for next tuesday.