Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well, everything that I was using as an excuse is gone now. No more medical stuff to use as a crutch and it's time to get serious about becoming a better me. I will say, being off of pain killers sucks. All those old aches and pains are back and I am a bit cranky because of it. But then, that's reality, right? You can't go through your whole life numb, or can you? Nope. You can't. So, I am mentally awake, not happy about it but I am excited about becoming a better person. Right after my nap, of course.

I think I have gained 30 pounds over the past 3 months! I have to lose it, if not for my health at least for my job. The military isn't fond of fat fatties. I need to drop this weight and get my back in better condition so I won't suffer as often from spinal problems. And being sexually attractive wouldn't hurt either. What's the point of have this nice pearly white grill when the rest of me looks like ass?

In other news, I started watching the first season of Showtime's 'Weeds'. It's a show about a single suburban mom who is trying to make ends meet by selling pot. It's funny stuff and well written. I mean, compared to 'Lost' or the 'Sopranos', it's not all that but it's worth a look if you don't have to shell out too much mulah to see it.

Well, peace, love and hair grease, my friends.

-Nosmo (P.S. That's a crappy pic I took with my crappy phone... enjoy.)


  1. You so left yourself open to this one: You got a purdy mouth, boy!

    If your NX has a GNC I suggest Nitric Oxide supplements... The give you the energy of a two year old with out the crash of ephdrine.. plus they are quite legal and won't pop on a piss test..... They're great for fat loss and muscle building but they are also kind of high dollar and I can't quite afford them this month...

  2. If you note in the top left hand side of my mouth (looking at the photo) you'll notice a white line. That's one of the stitches. When I get the stitches taken out I can brush better and hopfully they'll look even purdier.

    Yeah. My NEX has a GNC. Actually, Pearl Harbor has the worlds largest NEX. I'll check it out. I have to go out and run some errands today anyway.

  3. Nitric Oxide huh, I will have to look into that. Hey stop doing weed, you won't have the munchies, you won't need so much dental work, and get off the couch!!! JK LOL