Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot and Cold

Well, it's Sunday. And oddly enough it's raining. Which doesn't happen that often in Hawaii and... well it's Sunday. The sun is supposed to be out! I'm a little miffed about that.

That also means no hot water. Hawaii actually has a law that all new housing (not sure when this law was implemented) is required to have solar powered hotwater heaters. Ah, good to be green. Unless you want to take a hot shower and it's been overcast all day, then it sucks being green. I'm sure there is some way to jerry-rig my hotwater heater to drawn more power from the power grid instead of the solar panels but I am not so savvy as all that.

And I hate taking lukewarm showers. HATE IT! I want cold air and hot water.

Way back when I lived in Alaska and I had a job working at this resort washing dishes. The resort was a hotsprings but people weren't actually allowed to bath in the hotsprings as, over the years, they had accumulated a significant amount of broken glass on their bottoms. So, the hotsprings water was pumped into a treatment facility where it was (get this) 'treated' and then piped to the inside pool, two 4 man hot tubs (inside) and a huge 12 man hot tub (outside).

I said all that to tell you that, during the winter, when it was 30 degrees below freezing out, we would run out to the 12 man hot tub and jump in. You had to keep yourself in the water to keep from freezing to death but your head had to be out enough to breath. Your wet hair would freeze solid and when your noggin got cold enough you would dive under the water to warm it up.

I said all THAT to explain my relationship with hot and cold. Hot is never as enjoyable as it is when juxtaposed with cold. That hot tub would not have been as enjoyable had it been 90 degrees out. So, when it's 88 degrees here in Hawaii (which is quite a common temperature) and you hop into a hot shower you get overheated and don't feel like staying in for very long. On the flip side, when it's 70 degrees and raining it gets a bit chilly (for a warm blooded bastard like me who has spent the last 10 years here). Alas, there is no hot water to warm the flesh as it has more than likely been over cast all day.

Cold and hot, hot and cold. It's like the warm spring after a long cold winter, of which I have not experienced in 10 years.

In conclusion, it's Sunday. And I'm cold.



  1. That friggin sucks much ass... I'm glad I still got the old fashioned water heater myself...

  2. Long ago I stayed at a hostel in Scotland which had its showers in the cold basement and no hot water or really heat at all. It was an eye opening experience.

  3. So what if you go a day without a shower? Rinse off in the beach!