Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Juxtaposition of Cerebral Nightmares

I think the slide show is speeding up!
It's making my head reel.
What exactly are Danish Sausages,
And why do the black boys eat them in the back yard?
Some poor sap puts a chemical patch on his arm,
I knew not why. Perhaps to alleviate motion sickness?
My heart was venomous at the destruction of my game!
He was lowered into a hole in the porch. Such team work.
Why did they ruin my game?
If the children can't reach the beer on the counter,
Maybe they shouldn't drink it, I argued.
In dreams, such arguments seem reasonable.

Down here things get a little weird.
There are old angry ladies,
There is a Hobbit in a birthday box.
The old angry ladies are kicking it.
I was wooing a woman in an underground bar.
Pipe root decor: golds, clears, violets, burgundies,
She was not what I expected.
I wouldn't bring her home to mother.
Was she a 'he'? I coo because that's what you do in here... 'coo'.
Like a bird.

Why can't I just fly? Or even fall off a cliff? The future!
Everything in my aging mind now is social flim flam.
Reflections of past and present shuffled and tossed about like a chef's salad,
And served up in the middle of the night,
Robbing me of much needed 'Deep Sleep',
Served to remind me of a mental sickness I battle everyday.
I have, like a thirsty beserker drinks destruction,
Excepted the blemishes on my brain. I am proud of them.
Like college boys proud of their vomit,
After a long night of boozing down at Mickey's Pub.
You can't win the girl, impress your friends.
How I used to burn my arm with cigarettes!

The warm darkness of slumber begins to fade,
No, not fade. It's broken by the Juxtaposition of life and dream.
The sickness of reality leaks in, water in my Cerebral basement.
Dull colors and squawking alarm clocks are one but drift asunder,
Like the glass eyeballs of Optometry toys.
Top Row: E D V M S X W
The dog's toe nail jammed in my thigh. My chest burned.
My head ached. Images of Hobbits and Danish Sausages,
Quickly dissolved. I was awake. Dammit!

-Nosmo (Yes. Get me a cup of coffee and a revolver. I need to wake up.)


  1. Very creative, even if no one has any idea what you are talking about! Some of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories were like this and no one knew what he was saying either! Ode to all great writers!

  2. I liked this very much! Very dream-like, gosh, my poems are nothing compared to this!
    If only I could write like this, and just put down all the things that are going around in my head!

    P.S., I'm also a great Beatles fan too, and I am related to Donovan, the English folk singer. My Grandmother and his Mother were sisters. He taught John Lennon to play guitar.
    Just a piece of trivia.

  3. I think the problem with a post like this is that people who read it may not know how to comment. I have often read posts and wanted to comment but nothing came to me. I sometimes think it's harder to write legit comments than it is to write post. LOL. Thank you both for your legit comments. Yeah, my wife is apparently related to Kurt Russel. Being german I'm kind of afraid to look down my family tree to find any famous relations.

  4. Oh and I am part norse so... Nazi-Viking. Yeah! Rape, pillage, plunder and throw the survivors in the ovens! Well, at least I have nice bone structure. I jest.