Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love a Thursday

I have a love-hate relationship with Fridays (named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Frige). The Hawaiians love to perpetuate this myth known fondly as 'Aloha Friday'. Aloha Friday means that you get your work done as soon as you can on Friday and then you go home. Hawaiians, and I know this is stereo-typing, are, by nature, lazy people (I was trying to find a spot for another comma in this sentence but I failed). Well, maybe lazy is too strong a word. They like to take coffee breaks bruddah! Work's dun at tree, cuz. Eh, you da kine!

Anyhow, let me rephrase by saying, 'Hawaiians don't take things as seriously as the rest of the western world (spoken: Main Land).' And so, when I got stationed here, being an ex-hippie, I thought, awesome! these people are like me, taking it slow. The problem with Aloha Fridays is you never know if they are going to happen or not. Which would normally not be an issue but it makes work so much harder thinking, 'Why are we still here? It's 1 pm on a Friday! Let's go home, braddah!' Sometimes, my friends, dangling the carrot in front of the horse just pisses him off.

Wednesday, (spoken: Wed-nes-day so that you won't forget how to spell it) is hump day. Another myth. How many Wednesdays are in a year? Because it's been that long since I have been 'humped' and I'm getting a little cranky about the whole thing. Wednesday is also the middle of the week. So, by having lived through Monday (Old English for Moon's Day) and Tuesday (named after the Norse god Tyr) you now have a frame of reference for the length of time that is Thursday and Friday (Aloha Friday not withstanding), like reaching the half way point in a grueling race and realizing you have to do what you just did all over again in order to finish except you are already burned out from the first half.

In conclusion, I would say that Thursday is the best day of the work week. It's so close to the weekend but it's not that cock-teasing Friday I hate so much. Plus it's named after the god Thor and everyone knows Thor rocks like big pebbles.

-Nosmo (I know Thursday's over. I was so busy enjoying it I forgot to write this post.)


  1. I do likes me some Thursdays! That's my payday, every week.

  2. I like Saturday and Sunday myself - Saturday more because there's still Sunday left to enjoy. If I have to pick a work day then Friday because who doesn't goof off on Friday anyway?

  3. Mmmm, Let me see... I don't know what day is my fav., it might actually be Monday! LOL, haha
    1.) I like my job and the people I work with...
    2.) I get to be myself
    3.) I get a break!!