Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Aloha my quiet readers. This will be my last negative post, I swear. What an ungodly morning I had. Oral surgery. Sounds sexy but it's not. They extracted a tooth, cut open my gums, scraped a bunch of bad stuff away, inserted a bone graph, drilled down the root tips of two teeth and then sewed me back up. Despite the 6 different rounds of injections of Novocaine I received over that two and a half hour period it still hurt a lot. I chanted over and over, 'Pain is an illusion', 'Pain is temporary', then the periodontist would scrape some tool across my exposed jaw bone and a trickle of tears would run down my cheek. "Kill me now!"

Prior to the start of the surgery, after the first round of Novocaine, the nurse asked if I wanted to use the bathroom before they started. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. So I got up, turned around and there, standing right outside the room in a semicircle staring at me was the 2 doctors, endodontist and periodontist, and 4 nurses. 'Are you all waiting on me?' I asked. It was kind of creepy and at that moment, seeing all those people there it sunk in that this was no regular dentist visit! I went to the bathroom and thought, "Oh God. I should run away from here, right now!"

Now, I am high on oxycodone, missing two teeth and can't eat solid food for a couple days. I have another dental appointment tomorrow to get two temp crowns and a bridge installed. I might be high when I get there (I hope). But the worst is behind me. I survived and I never want to do that again. Time to relax and let the pain killers work their magic.



  1. No, that was not an ordinary visit! Better start flossing. After you heal. My husband had that surgery long ago and my daughter in law just had it a couple months ago. It's an ordeal I hope never to go through.

  2. Savage: Better living through chemistry, my father always said.

    Jeannie: Most definately, a wake up call for lazy me and my poor dental hygiene.