Thursday, April 22, 2010


You never could stand to look in the mirror.
Head always facing the ground.
Music pumped into your ears to forget something.
Maybe one day they will see you.
Maybe they will see you as you see you.
A dark god in jeans.
A jesus in a leather jacket.
A pale skinned, zit-faced, messiah of doom.
No one understands you.
Rise up to heaven.
Receive your reward. Mount your wings of rebellion.
Or maybe your just a frightened little boy.
Afraid to love your mother, afraid to respect your father.
Afraid to become real in a world of phonies and reality T.V. stars.



  1. Damn emo kids! Actually That was me at one point in life...
    I'm gonna have to try the Meyer's Sharkbite

  2. Being a grown up can be a lot of fun too!

  3. Rum is good food.

    Yes. There are a lot of 'fun' things for grown ups to do.