Thursday, April 8, 2010

Juxtaposition of Cerebral Day Dreams

When I slept I had a dream.
In my dream I was a make believe warrior.
With sword and shield I fought,
In make believe wars.
We were all upon a ship,
That gave birth to broken earth.
I laughed out loud,
At the comical distribution of human waste.
I snuck through trenches of green water.
I sought my prey and ran from gods.
In this dream eyes were buttons.
I closed my eyes. Yes,
I fastened the buttons so naught could be seen,
Save the threaded blossoms and imperfect seams.
I cried and laughed and died a thousand times,
Whilst sun did set and sun did rise.
And when I awoke, I thought:
What is life without love,
What is love without commitment,
What is commitment without trust,
What is trust without faith,
What is faith without hope,
What is hope without end,
What is end if not death,
What is death without life?
And so all things exist for all things.