Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was watching when the bow split the sea,
Ahead flank! The captain orders.
I saw the sea life taking flight.
I heard the ancient tongue of sacred whales,
The cries of forgotten gods.
I wore a gun at my side.
I watched the speed boats,
And sail boats,
Cruise ships and long liners.
They seal the hatches.
Rig for dive!
I heard the alarm sound.
Then 'Dive, dive!' Aauuuga! 'Dive, Dive!'
I felt the list throw gravity forward.
I heard the popping vents.
Filling fore and aft with briny swill.
Impregnating metal tanks with heavy sea.
You almost feel the cold ocean,
Wrapping you up like a swaddling babe.
Then gravity finds itself beneath your feet again.
Everything goes quiet.
Sailors find their racks.
Chow is roasting in the cramped galley.
Coffee brews, bug juice bubbles.
The watch is manned.
There is an awkward peace,
In the bowels of a war ship.



  1. This one gave me chills. I love the old-school style. It was like I was on the deck with Captain Nemo....

  2. Savage- Yeah, the life of a submariner is... LOL I'm lost for words.

  3. Yeah, there is a peace for the rest of here on land since you guys are out there. Smoothe sailing.