Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wisdom of Melville

"Think not, is my eleventh commandment; and sleep when you can, is my twelfth" -Stubb, Second Mate of the Pequod.

"The ribs and terrors in the whale,
Arched over me a dismal gloom,
While all God's sun-lit waves rolled by,
And lift me deepening down to doom.

"I saw the opening maw of hell,
With endless pains and sorrows there;
Which none but they that feel can tell-
Oh, I was plunging into despair.

"In black distress, I called my God,
When I could scarce believe him mine,
He bowed his ear to my complaints-
No more the whale did me confine.

"With speed he flew to my relief,
As on a radiant dolphin borne;
Awful, yet bright , as lightning shone
The face of my Deliverer God.

"My song for ever shall record
That terrible, that joyful hour;
I give glory to my God,
His all mercy and the power."
-Father Mapple (Chapter 9: The Sermon)

Well, I am still in pain, my back is still hurting, I am getting better, I lie to myself. It's hard to sit up and write so I figured I would let Herman Melville do my writing for me today. Enjoy.



  1. I really should read that book....

  2. Sadly backs take an endless amount of time to heal.

  3. Savage: Yeah, it's a great book. Like most classic novels it takes a little bit of work to get into but eventually you can't put it down.

    Laoch: True. I found out that heat isn't good for my back problem as it irritats my inflamed discs. Ice, ice, ice and lots of rest.