Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So you are not poetry people.

The dog was faking it! She has no problems getting up on the bed, she's just weird or lazy or both. Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until after Monday night when I went to lift her old bones up and... threw out my back... again! Yeah, well at least I am not in as much pain as I was last November. I did however require assistance from my wife this morning in putting on my socks and shoes. Very degrading experience.

She didn't win too many brownie points with me, however. I'm not sure there is much she could do at this point and time that could make me change my mind as far as divorce goes. Too much damage has been done, too much lack of trust by both parties for our relationship to survive. I am just riding this out for the right opportunity.

Here is a brief run down of my topics of interest over the past few days: finding time to write, silicone injections, stupid programming on the History Channel, my weak-ass battery on my cell phone, tsunami and other natural disasters, speaking of that I am buying a blu-ray copy of 2012 today.



  1. If I were your wife, I would put your shoes on the wrong foot, and tie your shoe-laces together, just for the Hell of it! (snigger!)

  2. A guy once joined the Navy
    And thought his job would be gravy
    It knocked him down pegs
    He had wobbly legs
    And he puked 'cause the seas were all wavy

    No clue why.. just came up with that since you didn't request a poem.... yeah... that's it.. that's the ticket....

  3. Sometimes I have to help my husband with his shoes and socks. Doesn't bother me at all.

    I feel for people with bad lower backs. Mine has rarely gone out but I think it's far worse than the pain I have with my neck. You need to strengthen your stomach muscles and try to hold them in all the time esp when lifting.