Monday, March 1, 2010

Dark Heaven

O soul,
We are nearly one with midnight,
We are saturated with the absence of light.
Once we sought salvation,
There is no escape from this thick black,
Only acceptance.
There is a path beneath us,
The cobbled road like braille beneath our feet,
It plummets into another kind of heaven,
A heaven of pleasurable pain,
A sacred dungeon of lovely sin.
Hear the whip crack,
Smell the scent of leather and blood,
The ecstatic cried of lovers and subordinates.
There she is, a demoness dressed in pink,
Heels like daggers, leather tails, a sadistic smile.
I have arrived. It is here. This is the hour.
O soul,
It is midnight.


  1. That good shit there.... Considering I've worked in a 'dungeon' club....

  2. That sounds like a story I would like to hear.

  3. Pleased that you are all safe, and yes, I too think this is a government cover to squeeze more pennies out of us.
    Don't bother with 2012, it's rubbish! Rather invest in a good survival book!