Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Feel Inclined To Tell The Truth

So here are some upcoming events in the life of Nosmo:

Tomorrow- Two Hour Dental Appointment, a few cavities to fill and a possible redo on an old root canal. Goodness, I hate the word 'canal' it's so violent. Maybe that's just me.

Some Time in the Next 4-5 Days- I got to get my registration done on my car so I can get my base stickers renewed. Problem? No insurance card. How did that happen? LOL.

Next Thursday- These crazy barbarians posing as doctors are going to cut the flesh off the end of my penis. Say no more.

The Following Four Weeks- In bed. Ice on junk. No sex. No hard on. It's sad cause I am a sex addict (self diagnosed). 4 weeks with no hard on!!! Pray to all the gods. In your land one god may be enough but here we are in need of many. The positive side is I will get some much needed rest for my back to heal properly.


TIKI GOD- The Presidents of the USA


  1. That you used a 13th warrior reference is totally awesome in a nerd sort of a way....
    Eat a shit load of pineapple prior to your surgery and after the fact there's an enzyme in pineapple that helps quicken healing... 3 and a half weeks is better than 4.... just saying....

  2. Seriously, I did not know that about pineapple juice. Awesome, thank you I'll check it out.

    TY Laoch. Dire is... yeah. Very. Well, not life threatening 'dire' but it might as well be.