Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm not sure if I have ever apologized for writing another poem but I think I should for this one. I just finished watching 2012 tonight and I will have to say it thoroughly depressed me (which isn't hard to do). Anyhow, here is a poem about...

He told us what's right,
We didn't believe.
We want what we wanted,
We just couldn't see.
The end is a fable,
We stick to the means.
Two thousand twelve,
Just a number to me.
Then the earth starts to tremble,
Not from fear but from spite.
Another tsunami
A riot, a blight.
We keep buying nick knacks,
We fill up our homes.
We want what we wanted,
So, leave us alone.
"Ignorance is bliss!"
Cry the dead from the grave.
We want what we wanted,
But we got what he gave.



  1. I like that one. I think I saw 2012. I can't wait for the real thing. I want to go out that dramatically.

  2. A reading from the book of Nosmo. All rise and give praise in beer and booze!

  3. Hey, I just noticed this, 2012 backwards is 2102 and you know what that means right? Nothing... thanks for playing.

    I can't really jive too much with a civilization that could somehow predict the end of the world X number of centuries in the furture but were unable to predict and avoid the fall of their own empire.

    The Mayans are that drunk, smelly, old, homeless guy with the "Doom is Near, Repent" sign strapped to his body. (But it does make for good fiction)

    Oh and there is this song by the band 'Tool' about California falling into the ocean "Learn to swim, learn to swim... I want to watch it all go down, watch you flush it all away," can't remember right off hand the title of the song. They should have played that during the impossible escape scene by the main characters as the fled Cali in that twin engine Cessna.
    FLUSH IT ALL AWAY! LOL Anyhow, peace. And may you get your ticket to the ark before it's too late my friends.

  4. 2012 = 20+1+2 = 23

    Just saying.