Saturday, February 27, 2010


UPDATE 2: Wow. Are Tsunamies boring or what? I'm falling asleep watching this thing.

UPDATE: Well, they are closing down all the stores on the island at 10 am. That's in 5 mins. I got the necessities: wine, smokes, pretzels, chocolate, batteries. At least 90% of the gas stations on the isle are out of gas. I can't figure why anyone would be concerned about gas during a natural disaster here in Hawaii, where you going to drive to really. But I filled up my tank just yesterday so if for some reason there is a good reason to have gas in my car, it's there.

I hope the power goes out then I'll have an excuse to read! Moby Dick is calling me.

Alas, I would like to take a moment to pray for those victims of the quake in Chile. 145 dead so far. God keep them. I guess the quake lasted 3 minutes. Gosh, that's a long time really if you think about it.

A massive 8.8 earthquake hit Santiago Chile this morning and started a tidal wave that's headed for Hawaii. Experts say it's going to hit at 11am. Interesting. Wait! I live in Hawaii! Oh well, good thing I don't live near the beach. They say it will be fast but short, like 8 feet tall, dressed in a black trench coat and RayBan sunglasses, sipping a pinacolada.

It seems so strange that this happened so soon after the Haiti incident. From what I am reading the death toll and damage in Chile is nothing near what transpired in Haiti but still! God can we get a break here, maybe a couple of years off?



  1. My thoughts go out to you, and that you all come through this safely.
    Yes, we heard early this morning what had happened in Chile. Nature is such a mighty force!
    So, stay safe, read Moby Dick, and I hope to chat with you soon!
    Take care!

  2. I'm pretty safe where I am at. Thank you.

  3. Glad you are safe.

    My grandfather was a fire chief and he said that nothing was as scary as weather. It is just about the only thing we have absolutely no control of.

    Take Care.

  4. I live in a very boring area. Worst we get is a rare tornado. And snowstorms.

  5. Tidal waves are boring until they subsume you. The they become for a small time, interesting.