Friday, February 12, 2010

Does Your Blog Smell Like Talcum Powder?

I recently stumbled upon a warehouse of interesting blogs that shall not be named due to the tackiness of favoritism, but you will find them in my blog list below. One particular blog had a post that stood out and got me thinking.

What do I want to read in a blog? There are a lot of 'new mommy' blogs and, I suppose being a childless male, stuck in the Navy and on the verge of divorce, this type of blog may not be my genre, a.k.a. cup O tea.

And why are there so many 'new mommy' blogs? New mommies are more than likely at home taking care of their 'new baby' with little or no adult human interaction. Instead of getting their much needed rest between down times they blog and tell us all about their new babies. They take pictures of them and post them and... well, babies. Perhaps I'm bitter but when you have seen one baby you have seen them all.

Oh sure, to you your baby is wonderful. Perhaps, to your friends and family, your baby is the cutest damn thing that ever crawled across a carpet. But fo shizzle! Why?

How did this post turn into a rant about babies? Sorry.

Let me put it to you like this. If you are on my blog list, obviously I want to read your blog. But lets spice it up a bit people! Tell me a crazy story about your uncle's cucumber fetish. Take a picture of the back of your leg and post it with a poem about the favorite body part. Or just keep doing what your doing. It's all good. I will abide. The dude abides.

Just read.

-The Nosmo King


  1. King, I totally agree with you. Mine was started as an anti - blog, more of a comedy blog. I have had a couple but that is a long story. I am getting back to basics. I do post bull crap from time to time though. There is a blog that will be coming up that has been around before but he was taking an extended break and you will love this guy. I will link him to you when is up and full operational. OUT!

  2. When it is up and fully operational I should say. Damn fingers.

  3. I hate the mommy blogs but if I were there I would likely have one. There is something so fascinating about spewing a living thing out of your vagina that you remain riveted until they do something that makes you realize they are mere human beings and should probably be hidden in the closet away from everyone except that is for some reason considered child abuse.

    Instead, I am totally fascinated with my stupid dog.

    I don't know any of my uncles well enough and besides they were pretty much upstanding citizens - even the one who was rather hippyish in the day and taught in Cuba.

    I wish my life were spicier - I've considered closing up shop except that it gives me something to do.

    Maybe I should take up fiction. Write about my life in an alternate universe.

  4. Bama Trav: Thanks. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Comedy, bull crap, mommy blogs, what it boils down to is no matter what kind of blog you write, in the end it's all about entertainment. Regardless of your main objective, you have to entertain people or they will stop reading. Some 'mommy blogs' are actually entertaining! I'm such a hipocrite.

    Jeannie: You are the greatest! You are the first person who has said 'vagina' on my blog. Thank you. (I find that word arousing, some how!) There are a few more secret words I'm waiting to hear.

    I have a dog to. She is my kid and I love her crazy like. I call her my monkey dog.

    I don't really know any of my uncles at all so I would be happy with anyone you know that has a cucumber fetish. You could just randomly ask your friends and family, 'Do you happen to have a cucumber fetish cause I need some material for my blog'.

    A spicy life is there you just have to look for it.

    Is anything real? Fiction is just another perception of reality, really.

  5. I don't really have a response I'm just stopping in for a beer and and maybe a sandwich....