Friday, February 19, 2010

Dark the Night

So dark the night that hides the scars
So concealing and safe in your cool dark womb
Never to see the day or understand the horror of reality
Never to awake in the telling sunlight

So dark the dream that swallows my whispers
So forgetful in the shadows, lost are my sins
Never to be the judgmental morning
Never to be the innocence of dawn

So shut off the lights and drawn the curtain close
Hide under the covers and we shall leave
You and I, hidden, forgotten, alone together
Never to awake in the telling sunlight
The judgmental morning
The innocence of dawn
So dark the night that hides our scars



  1. Agree with Jeannie, very dark. I wasn't sure what to expect from it. Interesting though!

  2. *Closes curtins, douses light, opens whisey bottle*

  3. I once wrote a poem about making British Royalty out of minorities.

    My poem was called "Night the Dark".

  4. Excuse me. I meant "Knight the Dark", of course.