Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Confession to Jay

Everything is yours,
The rain I see, the sun upon my skin,
The night air when I breath in deep,
From the broken skin that bleeds,
To the darkest corner of my thoughts.

It is all yours, I give it to you,
The painful sting, the feathers touch,
The sunlit hues and black shadows,
From the naked flesh of waiting throats,
To the brightest smile I wear when you laugh out loud.

It is yours for the taking, everything I am,
The sea that swims with sand,
The sacred whale in the enchanted depths,
From falling tears of things lost,
To the bravest moments and prideful boasts.

Please, take it from me, everything,
The words of love on borrowed white,
The demon scarred mind,
From the sky I fall,
To your arms I lay in peace, my heaven has come,
And you are she, my angel, my goddess, my love.



  1. But do you take out the garbage?

    No, really - this is very nice. Can you tell I've been married to a romantic for 30 years?

  2. Honestly, yes I do. :) But not for the right woman.

  3. Ummm I hope you haven't started referring to me as Jay.... I'd have to start calling you Silent Bob and we'd have to be the show stealing running gag characters in every blog episode....
    Snootchie Bootchies!

  4. I was wondering if someone would point out Jay being a male name. I can assure you Jay is not a man. LOL