Friday, January 8, 2010

Tender Souls

Ah! Man and woman in love. There is no better fit than that. They are two puzzle pieces that match perfectly and fit no where else. What is flesh without the soul? What is the dust on the earth without the wind to bring it to life?

You say you like pleasure. You like flesh. But without soul or spirit or love it's no different than any other bodily function. A release. A device to procreate.

I have known love and I know love now. Do you know love? Do you understand the significance of the reaction of love and flesh? It will be an experience to share. You will look in my eyes and say, 'I love this man'. And it will overcome your entire being. You may cry. Your body will shutter and quake and you will understand what I'm saying. One day you will understand.

I have cried while making love. Truly making love can be an overwhelming experience. It hasn't happened in a long time but it will happen again, I guarantee.

I'm sorry if I upset you with my words. I hope that I am wrong and that you have experience this. Life is far too short to not love and be loved. Life is too short for cold nights bereft of soul and spirit.

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