Thursday, January 21, 2010


'Open' is a powerful word. It holds a lot more meaning then just the condition of your fridge door. Open can mean 'ready to receive' or 'ready to be filled up'. Open can be used in place of 'exposed' or 'vulnerable'. Open, when combined with 'minded', can mean 'able to except things that are unacceptable to the bulk of society' or 'the main stream'.

Open means to me 'FREEDOM'. Freedom from the bonds of social and sexual taboos. Freedom from the chains of moral conditioning. Freedom from the prison of fear, doubt and anxiety. I have not yet reached that point to be fully open. I fantasize about it, but I am not sure if I am yet ready for the reality called 'open'. It's coming, though, I can feel it.

-N. King
Byte Me: A poem about this place we call the internet.


  1. Freedom from selfconsciousness and fear of enjoying all that life has to offer. That's what's coming. :)