Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Story of Life

Two young lovers in the middle of the great ocean of life clung to one another. They vowed they would never part. Then a rogue wave washed over them breaking them apart. On the tips of ocean swells they could see each other. They cried and tried to swim but the ocean swells push them further and further away until they were finally out of sight of each other.

They wre both rescued by ships, one ship heading east and one west. There they stayed. Time went on as time always does until one day both lovers decided to take a cruise. One ship went east and the other west. Now, call it destiny, fate or even the hand of the Almighty, but in this great ocean so vast, these two ships met. They drew closer and each lover was out on the deck one looking north and one looking south. And as the two ships crossed they saw one another.
They reached out their hands, their finger tips brushing each others, eyes looking longingly and desperately at the others. The ships continued on, steam billowing, whistles blowing, screws turning and churning up the salty water.

How does this story end? Only God knows. Not I. For this story is true and the ending hasn't been written yet.

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