Saturday, December 19, 2009


I wish I had you all to myself. I wish that you were with me all the time. I wish that I could roll over at night and see your beautiful face. I wish. I wish.

I think I am driving myself crazy. My mind is never at rest. I am at your door, your window, waiting for you to look outside so I can see you again. I am haunted by you, like a fix that is just out of reach. I cannot help myself, I am enamored. I am lost and going mad! Maybe it will get better. Maybe the pain and joy and anticipation will lessen. But then again maybe not.

But it has to. It has to for your sake, for my sake, for their sake. How can anything be so painful and wonderful at the same time. How can it feel so good and hurt so bad in the same moment. I am only words to you right now, a thought, a dream, a glimmer of hope for some distant future. This future, this future, if the madness does not subside I can't imagine what will happen. Perhaps the furture will come sooner, perhaps it won't come at all, and that is my biggest fear.

-Nosmo (I'm going to sleep it off)

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  1. Yes, it is all true I wish for the same things, and the same things haunt me and yes I am going mad as well. Glad I am not alone! Love ya and good night