Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My List

I Like:
FOOD> I'll eat just about any thing except liver and eggplant or chicken with a lot of bones in it or fish with the exception of fresh caught halibut.
Favorites> Tortellini with pesto and roasted pinenuts/ good homemade french bread and hummus and yogurt butter/ green olives and feta cheese/ cold meat loaf sandwiches/ any sandwich/ rare to medium rare steak/ omlets with ham and cheddar cheese/ english muffins with butter and strawberry perserves (gotta have chunks of strawberries in it)
ALCOHOL> Rum with coke/ Rum with orange juice/ Rum with anything/ Tequila (for you anyway :))/ Vodka and pineapple juice/ red wine (merlot)
MOVIES> Anything with sword fighting in it/ or anything that would bore us into doing something else/ I don't watch movies too much right now
SEX> Yeah, I will try anything that a Mormon would do. LOL! Joking. I guess as far as fantasy goes I'm kinda a closet exhibitionist (the thrill of getting caught is great). I like rough and tender, slow and fast. You have to mix it up or you get bored (maybe). Ideal situation is after it's over the moon is shining through the window and we drift off to sleep in each others arms. I am a perv and a romantic all rolled into one. Oh and don't forget that one thing I mentioned that I liked a lot!
HOBBIES> Guitar playing and singing/ reading and writing/ long walks (but who doesn't)/ listening to music and dancing around like a crazy person/ I like hot baths and back rubs/ foot rubs too!

What I don't like!
Lack of faith/ Arguing over pointless things or arguing in general (life is too short to be angry)/ wow ran out of these real quick. I guess I'm just real easy going. LOL. Talking is essential to any healthy relationship, so is being honest. Well, I better go to sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams.


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  1. Some of this I had no idea and some things I already knew. Thank you much for sharing. My favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter, other things I like: round tables gormet veg pizza, any fresh made bread, I love marrianated smoked meats, I like peppmint. Movies: almost all romantic comedies. TV: I could do without. Favorite song(at least for right now): I'm A Barbie Girl by Aqua(great song to work out to). Books: variety and a lot of romance.
    Dislikes: Arrogance and people who think they are better than everyone else.
    For now Love ya and sweet dreams.