Monday, December 21, 2009

Heart Sets Sail: Brain Storming

There was a time once when we dwelt in a dream, a children's dream of love and lust and schemes. We sailed upon clouds surrounded by oceans blue, the heavens. Hand in hand, we were two love-sick adventurers sharing a journey together.

I remember the day I awoke to you. I awoke to the dream as if a veil had been pulled away from my eyes and there you were a life force brighter than I could have ever imagined. I was blinded and mad, I had lost my mind to my heart. The Heart, what a passionate fool the heart is, he is a good captain but the worst navigator. How many ships of life sailed to doom being led by Heart? How many sailed into folly with Heart at the helm? Sail on captain Heart!

And so now, I dream again. I set sail with my compass pointing the way to true love, the love of fools, the love of folly. I cannot regret this decision, though my Mind says otherwise. Perhaps the Mind would bring me to a safe port or a calm harbor. Perhaps the Mind will shelter me and protect me from failure and pain. Perhaps. Yet what is destination compared to journey?

Where are you? Lostlovefound? There upon an island of contentment you wait. Your fire burns bright to signal me, the column of smoke rises high into the night sky caressing the moon. The ethereal skywale drifts by, it's melodic call of joy and sorrow brings our souls closer together. I trim the main sail to catch a swift wind that pulls me closer to you. The moon paints beauty upon the crests of the waves that remind me of your eyes, your soul, you.

Now I stand upon the ships prow my eyes scanning the horizon. I know you are there, I smell the smoke above the briny salt waters, then I see a glimmer of red fire. A fire that sets a lust in my heart that cannot be quenched. With stoic determination I cry out "Land!". But it's sounds more like 'Love!'.

Suddenly, a squall rips through the night air battering at my sails. The ship rises and falls, it's hull slapping against the waves with reckless abandon. The shuttering boom shakes my confidence. I think I should get below, ride the storm out, live another day. But I cannot pull myself from my watch. Rain pours down as if there were seas above breaking through to find it's love below. Through the sheets of God's tears your signal fire is nothing but a memory. But I never have underestimated the power of a memory. "Sail on, captain Heart!" I cry.

Then I hear a voice, your voice that rises above the thunder and roar of the storm. I hear the words as if they had been sung on the clearest day.

'It was just a whisper dream,
A dream of whales and sails and things,
The wind that pushes us across the world.
My faith lies in the stars at night
And you lie there and you hold me tight
And I dream, I dream.'

Your song becomes my new becon. I cannot drop the main sail though I hear the mast creaking and groaning, I hear rigging snapping. 'Hold strong,' I pray. Then the bow of the ship rises high. I can see nothing but the moon breaking free from the dark clouds and as swiftly as it rose, it falls again, crashing against the reef of some small island.

The ship breaks apart and I am thrown into the waves. I try to breath but there is only ocean. I try to see but there is only moonkissed dark depths. Should I die down here? Should my soul rest beneath the waves in Neptune's arms? Suddenly, everything goes dark and the blackest midnight washes over me and I am lost in nothingness. Forever is so long. A cosmic measurement that is meaningless in the human brain. But wait. I feel time again, like a cold yet welcome ache in my bones.

If I open my eyes I will see a coconut, a palm tree and a stretch of sandy beach. If I dared to listen I will hear the soothing sounds of waves crashing upon a forgotten shore, a calm, warm breeze blowing the scent of vanilla and island flowers. If I dared to feel I will know your hand running through my hair and caressing my face. If I dared to believe I will open my eyes and take in the beautiful sight of you looking down upon me. Your smile, your eyes, your angelic splendor I have sought to look upon for so long.

I have faced the stormy seas, died within her bosom and was resurrected again in your arms. I shall lie here forever, a dreamer. Hand in hand, we will be two love-sick adventurers sharing a journey together, life and the journey of Heart.


  1. The heart wants what the heart wants! Nomatter what happens, happily ever after or not, don't stop writing! It is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Her.Her Well said, Your mind is as it is and
    "I See you" money nor time shall fade the heart to the rush of pure wind. afix her to the south with a starboard tact look to the port rail only once to say god by.