Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Say Know

There are few better ways to commit social suicide then telling people what you really think. People, as a rule, do not want to know the truth. People, as a rule, do not want to know what is going on inside your head. People, as a rule, do not want to be reminded that there are more important issues going on than reality T.V., the war in Iraq, the failing economy, the color of the skin of the leader of the free world or how much weight Jessica Simpson has packed on.

It is socially irresponsible to lay it out on the table. Telling people what is really on your mind is like shucking off your Sunday best and strolling around in your birthday suit, expecting people to treat you as if everything was perfectly OK and nothing out of the ordinary was going on. While, in truth, those around you are feeling quite uncomfortable and resent you for making them feel that way. Do this enough and soon you will find yourself spending a lot of alone time.

Of course, I prefer alone time over 'Lemme quote 5 things I read in the headlines today and we can pretend to have a deep, meaningful discussion about it'. If I have to spend the rest of my life being avoided in exchange for being free from 'chit-chat, hows the weather, did you watch American Idol last night' conversations than I think it would be worth it. After all, there is no better conversational match for you than you. Or me for me, because I can't really speak for you. Maybe you bore yourself to death when left to your own mental devices.

But as for me? I have been practicing my ability to talk to myself while faking interest in what others are saying around me. It's really amazing how easy it is to 'chit-chat' with un-creative dregs whilst plumbing my own mind to unravel the secrets of the universe. But on occasion, I think some really deep thought that I cannot keep to myself. I lay it out on the table completely de-railing the conversation about the real estate market, which then kills the mood and I am let off the hook once again from jabber, jabber, jabber 'I need to buy some new sneakers cause these ones are getting old', jabber, jabber..

-N. King (I'll be your guide while you explore the inside of your head. It gets a little confusing in there but don't worry, I know the way.)

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