Friday, September 21, 2012

IBS Entry 9-16-12

I think the most important thing that anyone could write down on paper is the truth. I have tried my best to be honest, to be forward, and to be unapologetic for stating my beliefs. But I am not always successful. My failure comes, not from a need to lie but rather from not knowing the truth. This is what philosophy is: you live a life; you organize it; you take the clues you are given and you arrange them in lucid pattern and present them to the world. And it is not from lack of trying or lack of caring that leads those patterns, those theories, those philosophies to failure but rather the lack of clues. I am only one man; I have lived only one life, and it is not unfeasible to think that I only have one view, one voice concerning the universe.

So, how do you reach the truth? If I have failed you and others have failed you, who will not fail you? Aristotle said once: “an unexamined life is not worth living”. And so, I argue that it is up to you to find your truth. You are your own salvation and you will never fail unless you quit trying.

Some people might need a little help along the way. Some people might need a lot of help. But in the end they are responsible for their own soul, their own path, their own philosophy. I cannot tell you how to live your life and I wouldn’t expect you to take what I say on face value. Question everything. Examine everything. Don’t play the fool. Question me!
-D. Gage

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