Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Day

I have to finish writing this paper. My brain feels a bit mushy. The rough draft doesn't need to be anywhere close to perfect, just ten pages and ten sources. I better get busy. It's got to be done by 2pm tomorrow.
In other news I have been studying 'lucid dreaming' as a side project, though I really don't have time for side projects. I have, over the past few days, been keeping a dream journal. That's going good.
I think it's the idea that the idea that you have to 'ground yourself while in your dreams' in order to start lucid dreaming that is difficult for me. For example, look at you hand in your dream, if it doesn't look right you can be sure your dreaming and then, with that knowledge, you can go into a lucid dreaming state and control your dreams and live out your wildest fantasies.
It's an odd idea trying to remember to do something in your dreams. It's like making someone down a 5th of vodka and then telling them to make sober decisions. The closest I ever came to having a lucid dream in my life was back in my early college days (the first attempt at college). I had fallen asleep with a nicotine patch on my arm. I had no control over the dream but it was quite vivid.
Well, I'm off. I've got to write this paper.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess, to an extent, I do lucid dreaming sometimes. I sometimes tell myself that this is a damn dream so I can eat all the fattening food or whatever. Laugh.

    Good luck with it, brother.


  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, I haven't started lucid dreaming yet but I did take over the mic during a garage band concert this morning and belted out some verses to Porch by Pearl Jam. The girls were swarming in like moths to a 'Porch' light. It was awesome and I rocked the house.
    Then I woke up. :(